We are an inspired group of people who believe that technology can help to make our world smarter.
Our philosophy is to work where we live and not to live where we work.



Our IT experts are developing software for customers but have a part of their time reserved to coach students and graduates from university on internal projects in order to let the like a coffee community grow.


June 2016 we decided that it is not enough to make our own software but that we want also to make our own hardware so we supported Steam Port in the creation of an IOT Lab in south italy. With that we have now an experienced IOT developer that makes it possible to materialize ideas into products.


Engaging a large Community by solving the biggest challenges and offering people a new digital experience is one of the key driver in the business model of many successful companies in the digital age. Building experience together within an ecosystem of partner with innovative services is the vision of our exponential business.

Our Team

All team members work remotely and are used to collaborate from different locations




Prototype your idea


You have a business idea and want to make a proof of concept or a prototype?
Our IOT Lab in South Italy in the middle of the beautiful Cilento Park offers you the perfect environment to start your project.
Here you can work together with our IOT engineer, software developers and content creator to kick start your business idea or project.


In our Lab we can prototype with:
- Product case design
- Raspberry Pi, Arduino or any other microcontroller
- Mobile Apps

Rent a Lab


Visit us directly in Sapri for an offside and we can work together on your idea away from the daily business. You’ll find the perfect conditions to be creative and focused on your ideas and enjoy the positive side effects of italy like sun, mediterranean kitchen and always a perfect coffee.

Why not see this as a new way of doing vacation?

Instead of coming back with pictures you will come back with a better idea how to continue with your project including proof of concept material and a video to present your idea to others.


If you do not have the time for such a stage we are happy to do the project with you remote and are very flexible on our working hours and days.