Asana and Miro integration on Like A Coffee Community

Post by Aija Lagzdiņa

In our daily work we use Asana as our project management tool which includes information about teams, requirements, tasks, issues and different data associated with them. 

We combine project management with information storage on Google Sheets to manage in depth information about different issues in a project, for example, bug reporting, testing reports etc. 

And we use the Miro application to manage the design and ideation process. Now we have started to integrate all of this information from multiple platforms into the digital whiteboard (Miro).

In a company, if all projects are managed in a similar way, then it reduces time necessary to get used to every new project. The way I see it, it is all about expectation management. All the involved parties know what they are getting with unified project management style. 

While creating and managing QA processes we ended up using many different tools and it is time consuming for everyone involved to keep track of changes across multiple tools, therefore we were looking for a simplified way of presenting all the necessary information in one place. Also, since most people retain visual information better than written information, Miro board became a great solution since we can display and group content visually.

“Asana Cards” app allows us to import Asana tasks and display them on the board. These cards can be filtered by projects, assignees, sections, allowing us to easily group them in a desired way.

“Google Drive” app allows us to import different documents from Google Drive. This allows us to create extensive reports and graphs in Google Sheets and then display this document in the Miro board, locked on the desired sheet to show necessary information. Also we can edit the imported Google documents from Miro board itself, without switching to a different tool.

For project status calls we use a specific project related Miro board. In this board there is an overview of the project – current and past sprints, overall project statistics, open issues, next steps. 

Currently we have been creating written meeting protocols for every status call. We hope to replace these text documents with engaging, visual, easy to understand digital whiteboard which gets continuously updated to reflect the current situation of the project.

The opportunity to have the information in a whiteboard allows us to have a wide and comprehensive view of all the content related to the current project. Both to have a history of the project that has a graphic visualization, and to have more schematization and synthesis when sharing information

Remote team gets closer!

Two weeks ago, from 19th till 23rd March, our senior developer and mentor János Ujvári from Budapest (Hungary) visited part of our community based in Latvia so as to carry out extensive activities together with the Talent and Partner manager Jevgenija Sahovala and her partners, Universities and IT Schools there.


János shared his technical competence by leading three MEAN Stack workshops during that week – at University of Liepaja (IT Faculty) on 20th March, at EKA (University of Economics and Culture, Riga) on 22nd March and at LLU, Jelgava on 23rd March.

In detail, János showcased how to develop a small app with Angular from scratch – starting from the installation and set-up of the development infrastructure to a working web application.

At first students were introduced to MEAN Stack acronym and Git repository infrastructure and then, invited to set their own development infrastructure up and running through coding along with Janos.
According to our philosophy, even remote students had the opportunity to join us online by tuning in on the Like A Coffee YouTube channel live streaming from EKA on 22nd March (if you missed it, the recording is available at the following link: )


As Like A Coffee, we also took part in TSI (Transporta un Sakaru Instituts) Career Day on 21st March with an exhibition booth and our working approach presentation.

We shared our experience about T2EJ and remote work welcoming visitors and audience at the presentation. It definitely was a great bonding experience the participation in such an event all together with János, Aija, Janis, Emils and Jevgenija.


Closing evening event of the week was the presentation about remote working and its pros and cons at Riga Coding School on 23rd of March.

Blessed by the sunlight throughout the day, the atmosphere got fairly pleasant with so many interested participants, who kept talking and interacting with Jevgenija and Janos about Like A Coffee working approach and their own experience working from different environments.

Last but not least, what we treasured the most was the enjoyable meeting of the Latvian Team as a whole with their mentor and Talent manager in Liepaja for a two-day team-building gathering - playing pool, go-karting and having some pizza and drinks all together.

For sure the best way to get closer and improve communication!

We as Like A Coffee thank all the Latvian Partners, that hosted our presentations during this week, and also Latvian Team, who showed an amazing unity and cooperation throughout these days spent together.

Starting from 20th March Like A Coffee will hold a series of events in Latvia

In one week, starting from 20th March, Like A Coffee will hold a series of events in Latvia.

Our Hungarian senior developer and community mentor János Ujvari is travelling from Budapest to Riga to join us and share his knowledge and experience with Latvian Team and Partners.


Here below you can find the whole week schedule of our events in Latvia:


20th March, Tuesday



21st March, Wednesday



22nd March, Thursday



23rd March, Friday



Stay tuned on our Facebook page for more live videos and photos and to get to know more about our events in Latvia!

If you have any questions, you can ask us Like A Coffee or our Talent and Partner Manager in Latvia Jevgenija Sahovala.

Take the journey to get aboard our community!

What’s in it for you in Like A Coffee?

When you are a fresh graduate your priority looks to be the experience gaining since tackling the world of work is no easy challenge for a talent to unleash his or her full potential.

But without a proper framework to act in, the sole work experience could not suffice.

A custom-designed learning path whose purpose is to turn you from a talent into an ICT junior expert could be a great opportunity to take and a safe way to accelerate your know-how and get to your professional goal quickly.

Here is a short video on how we have designed this learning path:

What matters and tops it off is the opportunity to develop organization skills which come in handy when it is about setting up both daily and weekly purposes, prioritizing activities and tasks, implementing procedures, monitoring your milestones and, ultimately, achieving your goals.

Do you think you are able to manage your own time?

Let’s hear what the development team members from Liepaja (Latvia) think about the opportunity to join Like A Coffee in order to improve their self-discipline so as to achieve the goals they have set beforehand:

Upskilling is no quick task if you are not supported by a larger community made up both by peers and seniors. The interactions which occur daily can take you further than you might think, while you see yourself becoming more and more flexible by acquiring the right mindset to work on European IT projects by means of state-of-art technologies.

Let’s listen to Giuseppe’s experience:

Behind every project there is a whole community involved.

Not just development side but also management and communication sides play a significant role. This makes the experience of each of you, young talents, enriching.

The core of the self-development for you lies, no doubt, in the relationship with the mentor/senior developer who provides guidance and support and instills in you so many values  that you can take them to heart in your toolbox.

Let’s see what Luigi thinks about his relationship with his mentor and with the whole community:

The human-centric relationship is in the middle of our true collaborative environment.

Your self-education later  becomes a multiplier of good practices for all of us and, ultimately, for your profession.

Why don’t you seize the moment and get aboard our community?


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