Our Talent Managers introduce the Talent to Expert Journey Application [VIDEO]

Yesterday evening our Talent managers, Filomena and Jevgenija delivered a live speech on the Like A Coffee YouTube channel about their experience as product owners of the software application they contributed to design and that they are about to implement shortly in their daily working activity.

Jevgenija and Filomena recruit, onboard, and support IT potential talents mainly on a soft skill-level during the learning-by-doing journey that Like A Coffee has especially designed for them as they join our community.

In a few weeks the first version of T2EJ APP, we spoke about in this past post, will be released and they will finally get the valuable virtual assistant they were looking for.

Now they will manage

  • to gather all the necessary information about talents
  • to handle cooperation with Universities and Partners in a clear and unified way
  • to collect their marketing materials
  • to keep track of their talents’ activities
  • to make evaluation of talents and their progress
  • to organize and manage their events

in a single, central place.

> > > Watch the video below if you want to get a clearer vision on how such an agile design and development process took place, by starting from the process of ideation, the user stories implementation to the mock-ups design and the current app version.

And stay tuned because next month Like A Coffee will deliver a new YouTube live speech from a technical perspective on this topic!

Until next live video!


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