ABOUT Jānis Pavlovs

Junior Mean Stack Developer

"In 20 years I want to look back and think: "Yes,
I am happy with what I have become and where
I am."

Hotel ID Bot

Development of Hotel registration (check-in) system with possibility to scan ID or passport and transfer the information to Police as requested by Swiss law.

Full Stack developer (focus on Front-end)

Talent to Expert Journey Application

Development of internal Like A Coffee Talent management system serving as Talent Manager’s working environment in cooperation with Talents and Universities.

Project Manager (internship)

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post with Jānis

TMS System Design story [VIDEO]

In this video Aija, Janis, Emils and Giuseppe tell the project design about TMS System of Like A Coffee, made in Italy in the spring 2019, from January to May.

During the internship period in Italy of Aija, Janis and Emils in collaboration with Giuseppe