Preso – the hackable smart outlet

Like A Coffee is pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign that will allow the public to meet Preso. Preso is an hackable open device that allows you to control your household devices behaviour and to monitor your home power consumption.

“Preso arose from the need to tackle a local Italian problem about the total installed capacity of 3 kW”, says Attilio Mandola, Co-inventor of Preso. It now overcomes this limitation by creating a network which steadily controls the energy consumption of each connected device. Should one instantly absorb too much energy, Preso will disconnect at once the lower priority devices in order to let the whole system keep on running.”

But Preso can improve your quality of life in more ways than you might think.
As it is a microcontroller based system, capable of creating a wi fi network among all the Preso devices, it can be a potential energy-saving tool by keeping track of the status of your appliances and, thus, fulfilling your desire to cut expenses whenever possible.
Inside Preso there are an energy power meter, a relay which turns on and off the energy power supply, a small display releasing an instantaneous stream of information about the device and two push buttons so as to programme functions for your devices to work autonomously.
Moreover, as the software is open source, you can reprogram Preso via the Arduino IDE. The possibilities are really never-ending. You can embed Preso in any custom-made environment. Or hack its hardware by means of sensors and actuators to expand its functionalities and to make it a prototyping platform.

What’s more, you can customize your home appliances behaviour from the corresponding easy and intuitive PresoApp combining accessibility and comfort at your fingertips.
Your new smart devices will be continuously supplying information to your phone or tablet so that you will be controlling remotely your appliances status, even when you are out and about.

“It will transform our simple homes into smart homes”, says Giuseppe Rivello, Content Designer.

Preso is being designed and manufactured by Like A Coffee, a team of professionals in the ICT sector which supports companies in their digitization processes. This time they are willing to introduce Preso directly to consumers, being confident that this little smart home controller could change your day-to-day life!

The Importance of GitHub for Web Developers

If at this point you have not heard of GitHub, we are not going to bore you with the details other than to mention it is a large online code repository based on versioning tool Git of Linus Torvalds origin.

To summarize, it allows the de-centralization of the code storage. If you are unfamiliar with Git itself, is a perfectly reasonable source for learning about its use. In this article, however, rather than speaking about the technology itself, we are going to focus on its impact on the industry as a whole.

Nowadays a good GitHub account represents the best CV or business card you could ever have.
With it you can show your skills, your mindset as developer and your attitude to collaborate with others.

Here are a few tricks to get you developing without making it seem like you are taking a second job:

    1. Set aside a block of time once a week to code. You can even start with just an hour
    2. Alternate between coding your own solutions and forking to add functionality to someone else’s
    3. Be a stickler with code standards so your code is easily readable
    4. Ensure your code is highly annotated with notes
    5. Write the occasional blog talking about your difficulties and how you overcame them

It is very comfortable and easy to share code and access different versions of it.

Why having a public repo?

First of all anyone can access it, secondly by reviewing commits people can track development of the project and also personal coding improvements too.

Learn Git in your browser for free with Try Git.

Why MEAN stack?

The acronym “MEAN” stands for “MongoDB Express.js AngularJS Node.js” and represents a group of technologies which are known to synergize well together. The major benefit of the MEAN stack is that it’s extremely quick to prototype with. Node.js allows you to use Javascript on the backend as well as the frontend which can save you from having to learn a separate language.

In addition, the NoSQL nature of MongoDB allows you to quickly change and alter the data layer without having to worry about migrations, which is a very valuable attribute when you’re trying to build a product without clear specifications. Finally, these technologies have a lot of community support behind them so finding answers to questions or hiring help is going to be much easier using these technologies.

MEAN Stack involves two of the most commonly used frameworks, Node.js and AngularJS, and this implies some positive consequences:
– Job opportunities: Companies, of any size, are looking for people with these skills
– Huge communities available for support, useful libraries and whatever

Antonio Torre / Like a Coffee Mentor
JavaScript is the leading language for web or web based applications.
Node JS is very handy since there is no more distinction between front-end or back-end developer.
Janos Ujvari / Like a Coffee Mentor

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Why MEAN stack is a great technology choice for new startups?

Most non-technical founders are puzzled when presented with so many technology choices for developing their ideas. Most pros will agree that the tech stack should be chosen based on the ever-changing dynamics of the product.

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For you, as a fresh graduate it can be quite a struggle to find a way to get past the “no experience-no work” situation but think about it: just a day of mentoring can change one life forever.


Tackling the world of work is no easy challenge nor is it easy to unleash a talent’s full potential.

Here it is not a matter of lack of knowledge or ignorance but it is about thinking of building upon and scaffolding your education.


The relationship with a mentor has got in it something special: the mentor provides guidance and support and can instill so many things and values in you that you can put them in your toolbox. It is something to treasure, since in that true collaborative relationship where you can make mistakes and fail when noone is watching, lies the beginning of your self-education, enabling you to become an effective “multiplier” of good practices for your profession.


Like A Coffee is a young and multicultural team project which sets a high value on prospective talents and it firmly believes that knowledge-transfer and the passion to life-long learn can really make our world smarter. Why? Because the mentoring experience entails a twofold professional growth: both for the talent and for the mentor, who contribute to build a network of peers.

It is not a top-down dialogue but a continuous, systematic and structured exchange flow where both actors can benefit from.

As a result, you find yourself within an inner circle of trust, of communication and of feedback loop you can count on as a lifeline and which turns out to be useful for both sides.


But do keep in mind that in order to establish a sustainable and lasting partnership and to get the most out of it, you need to be driven by a real desire to enhance and develop your skill- and mindset, and to be open to accept any criticism or advice.


Let’s listen to how our mentor and Senior developer Antonio Torre describes his personal approach with his mentees:


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