Luigi Cutolo / my thesis in DevOps Testing / Talent-Mentor Conversation [part 2]

Over the past year we have followed our talent Luigi Cutolo along his journey to fulfil his dream of becoming a web developer within the Like A Coffee community.

We were there during his experimental project development, the choice of his thesis topic, and in his overall learning path.

Last December Luigi earned his bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

Follow the presentation delivered by Luigi Cutolo regarding his thesis topic, introduced by his mentor Antonio Torre in the video below: Implementation and Testing of a Microservices Architecture on the Preso project by using the DevOps methodology.

Over the past few months he created the whole infrastructure to be implemented, and then tested and deployed a microservice.

Here some technical specifications: Microservice: NodeJS Application.

Testing: Unit Testing,

Integration Testing and End to End Testing.

Build: Docker Cloud.

Deploy: AWS EC2

Today he is here to tell us how he accomplished his path with us.

His mentor – and Senior developer – Antonio Torre is still by his side in order to support Luigi in his professional growth and to turn him into an expert developer of our community.

If you missed the beginning of Luigi’s thesis path on DevOps testing, here below you can find it:

Now, it’s really time for Luigi to unlock his future!

Luigi Cutolo / my thesis in DevOps Testing [part 1]

Luigi started his professional path within the Like A Coffee community one year ago.
While taking his final university exams, he followed an eLearning program and, later, developed an experimental project both provided to him by Like A Coffee.

Working alongside supportive experts-mentors helped him understand what he strives to do for his future and what his next career moves are. He has been working for some weeks now on his thesis project: Testing in DevOps Methodology using a Microservices Architecture.

Let’s see in this short video how Luigi came up to this topic idea and how he is actually carrying it out:

We’ll follow Luigi throughout his thesis path getting to know much more on DevOps Testing!

Supporting Luigi during his thesis development is a very stimulating activity for both of us. Thanks to him we are having the opportunity to go further in these topics and use them in our future projects.


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