Last week we rolled out a live streaming from our Youtube channel to share the knowledge gained in the Preso experimental project with the whole Like A Coffee community.

For those of you who missed it, Preso is an IoT smart outlet that allows you to control any of your plugged-in household devices performance and to monitor your home power consumption directly from your smart PresoApp.


Why can it be important for you, potential talent, to get to know something more on how we carried out this project development?


  • First of all, because you can exclusively take a look behind the scenes on how we actually dealt with such a complex research project effectively in a remote way within a cross-cultural environment.
  • Secondly, because you can get insights on how such a project was managed.
  • And, finally, because you can get an educational opportunity for free by means of an interactive lesson. You can actively take part in the discussion by commenting or by asking questions to the expert panel in real time and being answered right away.


Preso is one of our experimental projects in IoT where some of our talents played a great role in, both on a software – and on a development part.

As the video begins, Filomena gives the big picture on it to you, tuned-in community, and introduces three members of the Preso dev team who dealt with different development aspect of it:


Attilio, IoT specialist and Head of “Steam Port, IoT lab” situated in Southern Italy, who showed more in detail:

  • the hardware components Preso is made up of;
  • the software technologies used for its prototyping;
  • the communication protocols used in the various iterations;
  • the data collecting system.


Giuseppe, Talent Full Stack web developer, involved in Preso as experimental project, who explained to our community:

  • The whole architecture system of the PresoApp, namely DB, a focus both on IoT back-end and main back-end and one on the front-end;
  • The full stack technology used.


Emils, Talent Front-end web developer and involved in the project as IT project manager intern who shared with us his experience with respect to:

  • how he integrated later in a running software development project within a remote team;
  • the messaging applications used;
  • The tools to handle a the workflow, the common code versioning and the mock-ups prototyping, in cooperation with our designer Giuseppe.


It goes without saying that also other worth-mentioning team members actively worked on this project: our tireless mentors Antonio and János and our Talent Luigi.

Because Together Everyone Achieves More.


Watch the live registration here below!

How has the project evolved over time? [VIDEO]

The project has gone a long way from its original version.

We started with a series of case prototypes, believe it or not, over 10 up to now.

The one we showed in the campaign is just a prototype and we are still working on new versions of it. The Preso device interacts constantly with the PresoApp, which allows you to create a Preso network.

The good thing about an IoT device development is the continuous testing both on the software side and on the hardware performance side.

The Preso evolution is still in an early-stage. Support us during our first Kickstarter campaign to drive it forward!

Talent build-up during the Preso development [VIDEO]

Giuseppe is one of the junior developers we met at the beginning of this year.

His Master IT studies are about to end and at the same time he’s living a working experience following the Talent journey within the Like A Coffee community.


In this video Giuseppe tells us about his overall experience during the development project of the Preso device and app (see Preso website link!…) as well as with the other team members, such as designers, project managers, IoT specialists and testers.


A  real 360° experience for someone like him who is coming from the university world.

He then highlights the paramount role and added value of his mentors during his build-up path.

The following video has been shot at a live coding session when our Preso team members met in person to work side by side.

“Even though we are remote web developers, we meet in person from time to time for working together” says Antonio Torre, mentor of the Like A Coffee community.

How was the idea of Preso developed? [VIDEO]

Preso was designed by Attilio starting from an Italian common specific need: the control of the home power consumption while the high-consuming household appliances are on.

Attilio thought how complicated could be for Granny Teresa to tackle this issue and, therefore, proposed his team to develop Preso and its App.

An easy-to-use IoT tool able to control the home energy consumption as well as the monitoring of each connected device.

Preso has become far more than an opportunity: it is an ally for those who crave to convert their house in a “smart” one with little money, according to one’s needs.


As Attilio says, Preso is a hackable open device and can be improved or enhanced starting from the original version developed by the Like A Coffee team.

Preso – the hackable smart outlet

Like A Coffee is pleased to announce the launch of a Kickstarter campaign that will allow the public to meet Preso. Preso is an hackable open device that allows you to control your household devices behaviour and to monitor your home power consumption.

“Preso arose from the need to tackle a local Italian problem about the total installed capacity of 3 kW”, says Attilio Mandola, Co-inventor of Preso. It now overcomes this limitation by creating a network which steadily controls the energy consumption of each connected device. Should one instantly absorb too much energy, Preso will disconnect at once the lower priority devices in order to let the whole system keep on running.”

But Preso can improve your quality of life in more ways than you might think.
As it is a microcontroller based system, capable of creating a wi fi network among all the Preso devices, it can be a potential energy-saving tool by keeping track of the status of your appliances and, thus, fulfilling your desire to cut expenses whenever possible.
Inside Preso there are an energy power meter, a relay which turns on and off the energy power supply, a small display releasing an instantaneous stream of information about the device and two push buttons so as to programme functions for your devices to work autonomously.
Moreover, as the software is open source, you can reprogram Preso via the Arduino IDE. The possibilities are really never-ending. You can embed Preso in any custom-made environment. Or hack its hardware by means of sensors and actuators to expand its functionalities and to make it a prototyping platform.

What’s more, you can customize your home appliances behaviour from the corresponding easy and intuitive PresoApp combining accessibility and comfort at your fingertips.
Your new smart devices will be continuously supplying information to your phone or tablet so that you will be controlling remotely your appliances status, even when you are out and about.

“It will transform our simple homes into smart homes”, says Giuseppe Rivello, Content Designer.

Preso is being designed and manufactured by Like A Coffee, a team of professionals in the ICT sector which supports companies in their digitization processes. This time they are willing to introduce Preso directly to consumers, being confident that this little smart home controller could change your day-to-day life!


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