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Design Thinker and FilmMaker

"I believe that in our brain we have all that we need to fail or to succeed."

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Ideation and project coordination.

Content video curation and mobile mockups generation.

Like a Coffee community

Video storytelling about community and social media curation

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Ideation and coordination of project.

Mockups for mobile app and movie prototyping.

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Design thinking coordination.
User stories, mockups generation and movie prototyping

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User Stories [Challenge]

By Francesco Casillo, Giuseppe Rivello

This challenge is the result of a “learning by doing” process within the Like A Coffee Community, a team work carried out with other Junior talents and mentors of this community. After the first training courses, we have activated a process of inspiration and design and we have come to the definition of this and other challenges. The aim we had during its development has always been to learn new aspects of data science and at the same time find a practical application in the @LAC model. 

The theme of this challenge was born within the experiences of design thinking and project management that we usually face in projects. The importance of writing a correct user story concerns not only the project owner but also the designer and the developer. Having correct and well written user stories improves the quality of communication between all those involved in the project during its development.

Data science research project

Our data science team is continuing its journey with elearning
courses on the languages and approaches to use and with continuous
comparisons with mentors.

Challenges will soon begin in which they will measure themselves with the first applications

This video tells the story of the first period of training and research activities of the Data Science working group of Like a Coffee

The research projects in which we involve the Talents who approach our community have the primary objective of making us grow

To learn
to experiment
and to share the new knowledge acquired within our community

This is a very short video that we shot during one of our work sessions at Palazzo Innovazione

The members of the research team of this Data Science project are:
Francesco Casillo Francesco Marzullo Pasquale Scudieri Luigi Cutolo Antonio Torre e Giuseppe Jepis Rivello

The new talent Francesco, Pasquale and Francesco coming from Università degli Studi di Salerno Dipartimento di Informatica, Università di Salerno


with Francesco Casillo, Pasquale Scudieri, Francesco Marzullo, Luigi Cutolo, Antonio Torre and Giuseppe Rivello

TMS System Design story [VIDEO]

In this video Aija, Janis, Emils and Giuseppe tell the project design about TMS System of Like A Coffee, made in Italy in the spring 2019, from January to May.

During the internship period in Italy of Aija, Janis and Emils in collaboration with Giuseppe


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