For you, as a fresh graduate it can be quite a struggle to find a way to get past the “no experience-no work” situation but think about it: just a day of mentoring can change one life forever.


Tackling the world of work is no easy challenge nor is it easy to unleash a talent’s full potential.

Here it is not a matter of lack of knowledge or ignorance but it is about thinking of building upon and scaffolding your education.


The relationship with a mentor has got in it something special: the mentor provides guidance and support and can instill so many things and values in you that you can put them in your toolbox. It is something to treasure, since in that true collaborative relationship where you can make mistakes and fail when noone is watching, lies the beginning of your self-education, enabling you to become an effective “multiplier” of good practices for your profession.


Like A Coffee is a young and multicultural team project which sets a high value on prospective talents and it firmly believes that knowledge-transfer and the passion to life-long learn can really make our world smarter. Why? Because the mentoring experience entails a twofold professional growth: both for the talent and for the mentor, who contribute to build a network of peers.

It is not a top-down dialogue but a continuous, systematic and structured exchange flow where both actors can benefit from.

As a result, you find yourself within an inner circle of trust, of communication and of feedback loop you can count on as a lifeline and which turns out to be useful for both sides.


But do keep in mind that in order to establish a sustainable and lasting partnership and to get the most out of it, you need to be driven by a real desire to enhance and develop your skill- and mindset, and to be open to accept any criticism or advice.


Let’s listen to how our mentor and Senior developer Antonio Torre describes his personal approach with his mentees:


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